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From: Kurt Noah <kurt.noah@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 9:46 PM
Subject: I am zen

ha ha, just finished a session, amazing,
then did a badass workout on my elliptical, in my shorts.
susan if you are still doing this, try it before a workout,
i was amazed by the increase in my endurance.

you guys better get your shit together if ya wanna keep up with me, haha

i was actually happy all day.
i know you guys think its from not smoking, not true.
i have quite before, did not feel like this.

OK, uploaded this hours ago, still not processed,
once again i think the google processing servers are down.
just try later if so, blue sky's K
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"I don’t suck as bad as them, but I suck. You can get just as good a quality out of someone who sucks as not–by sanding."
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But we love him so.
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llaollao frozen yoghurt where jerry returned a woman's wallet to her :: taberna la concha :: el pimiento verde (artichokes!) :: paloma del pozo dress designer :: metro bistro :: hotel posada del dragon (boring hotel, nice breakfast) :: renfe to cordoba

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...and fence drama

or, the things they wont tell you so they can charge 150 an hour.

also, none of my fixes today were required at ricks or my brother's
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Okay Phil's got everything done but the outlets. We'll wrap those up tomorrow. Is this not the most beautiful fucking panel you've ever seen it is certainly the best one I've ever seen. Even in Google Images which I checked
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